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What do we do at video-poker.cc™?

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We send players to online casinos.Our readers have received as exclusive welcome bonuses.Various online casinos tested and rated.Free casino games in our database, which you can access without any registration.

How we started

The great story of how our website started is when a retired man from Canada was looking for an extra source of income mixed with old time’s adventures. In the beginning it was not more than a hobby he enjoyed when he was bored until it became part of his life that he could spend weekends in casinos. By time it developed from a hobby to endless passion that took him all around North America rating casinos and dividing them into reputable ones and other tricky ones until such diaries took the shape of nowadays trusted website in reviewing casinos. On our website you will get much data not only about North America’s casinos but any casino that ever operated in the gambling industry. Only here you can put your hands on much precious information that you can never find anywhere else.

Customer Support

If you chose an online casino to play at but hesitating about the quality of its customer service, you can simply head to our website where you will find all the information you desire to know. Such data doesn’t only include customer support but about the whole casino’s reputation, fast payments and general notes of experts of checked every detail about this casino. It also allows you to compare your chosen casino with hundreds of other casinos around the world so in case you didn’t make the best choice; you have another chance to get what you deserve. It is very important to choose the most generous and trusted casino available because it will be reflected on your payout rates and how fast you will get your payments in addition to avoiding much disturbance of casinos that players complain about.

Our Team

The website is designed and operated by a group of well-chosen specialists who spent their entire life playing online casino games at world’s most professional casinos. We gathered all these specialists for only one aim which is helping new players adapting with casino techniques and getting them fully educated and prepared for wild casino rounds. We invite every gambler no matter professional or new to check our valuable information we provide on our website and it will help them make great decisions related to gambling and teach them great gambling tips and tricks according to our core values. Such free advice can be your first aid during a hard game at the casinos where only the person with information can win all the cash and make their dreams come true, and your success is the only way to pay us back!

How to find us

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